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How many points are required for a free trip?

When you make a reservation, the website will inform you if you qualify for a free trip in the pricing section of our reservation page.
In order to qualify for a free one-way trip when purchasing a one-way ticket you must have earned a minimum of 240 points, or when reserving a round-trip, you must have earned a minimum of 232 points for one leg of the trip or 464 points for a free round trip ticket. As pricing varies so will these points mentioned above. We want you to have the free trips you've earned and do not arbitrarily change points to keep you from traveling for free.

Points on Social Coupons and special deals

Tickets that were purchased on a 3rd Party website, such as Groupon, Amazon Deals, or Living Social are not eligible for point accumulation.  Also excluded from point accumulation are pre-paid deals, gift cards or any other special promotions on our website.

Flash Sales
Tickets will be available for a discounted price for the time of the sale only. Sale is final for the date and time purchased, rescheduling after the sale has ended might result in additional cost due to fare change. Members and VIP members - point gaining is based on amount paid, free tickets calculations are based on full price tickets only. We will not be able to offer the flash sale price after the sale time has ended, if you are having difficulties booking online, please call us for assistance before the sale time has ended.
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